Pre-Order FAQ's


Frequently Asked Questions:

When will my 'Pre-Order' item arrive?

We will state the expected date of arrival into stock within the description of the 'pre-order' item.  (We aim to despatch as soon as Pre-Order items have arrived into stock, however in busy periods ie Seasonal Sales/ Christmas orders may be despatched within 1-2 working days of the arrival date).  Please note if you have a number of 'Pre-Order' items in your order with different dates of arrival into stock your order will be despatched in full once the last of the 'Pre-Order' items has arrived.

PLEASE NOTE: The date shown for Pre-Order items is an expected date of arrival as indicated by our suppliers and unfortunately cannot be guaranteed as there may be shipping delays/port delays which are outside of our control, therefore the 'due' dates are estimates and may be subject to change.

Where the date of arrival is delayed beyond our expected date we will contact you to inform you of the revised expected arrival date and to confirm that you are still happy to wait for your order.  If you would like to cancel your 'pre-order' items as the delay does not meet with your timescale needs we will be happy to cancel that part of your order and refund you for the 'pre-order' items (please note you continue to be able to cancel your full order in line with our terms and conditions).

What happens If my order includes a mix of ‘Pre-Order’ items and items that are in stock?

If placing an order with both 'in stock' and 'pre-order' items your complete order will be despatched as soon as all the 'pre-order' items have arrived into stock.  Therefore if you require any of the 'in stock' items sooner than the expected arrival date of your 'pre-order' items please ensure that you place separate orders for the 'in-stock' items.

Can I cancel a Pre-Order item from my order?

Absolutely - if you have changed your mind and no longer require the Pre-Order item that is no problem at all.  Please just let us know by email as soon as possible and we will cancel and refund that part of your order.  You can amend your order by emailing Emma at


17-3302-00 Mum & Dad in Cigar Box
14-3161-00 Gingerbread House, Mouse
16-3925-00/01 Puppy Sweater, Off-White/Heather
16-3988-00/01 Pig in Box, Red & Blue
17-3102-00 Royal Twins, Mice, Little Sister & Brother
17-3204-00 Princess Mouse, Big Sister
17-3210-00 Wellness Mouse, Big Sister
17-3303-00 Grandma & Grandpa Mouse in Cigar Box
17-3304-00 Blouse & Skirt, Grandma Mouse
17-3305-00 Vest, Pants & Bow-Tie, Grandpa Mouse
17-3308-01 Knitted Sweater, Mum Mouse
17-3309-01 Knitted Sweater, Dad Mouse
11-3003-00 Sledge, Mouse
11-3004-00 Bench, Mouse
11-3112-00 Toilet, Mouse
11-3113-00 Miniature Toilet (Rabbit, Teddy)
11-3114-00/01 Kitchen, Mouse - Light Brown & Dark Green
11-3115-00 Washing Machine, Mouse
11-3116-00 Iron & Ironing Board, Mouse
11-3117-00/01 Rocking Chair, Mouse
14-3162-00 Christmas Tree, Mouse
14-3164-00 Cosy Christmas Set
14-3172-00 Santa Mouse
16-3927-00 Puppy, Knitted Hat
16-3928-00 Puppy, Knitted Scarf
17-3103-00 Winter Mice Twins, Little Brother & Sister
11-3002-00 Mouse Hole Farmhouse
11-3002-01 Mouse Hole Farmhouse - Bonus Room
11-3118-00 Madam Blue's Favourites, Mouse
14-3165-00 Christmas Tea Party, Mouse
16-3926-00 Puppy, Poncho
17-3203-00 Prince Mouse, Big Brother
17-3211-00 Winter Mouse, Big Sister
17-3212-00 Winter Mouse, Big Brother
17-3306-00 Winter Mouse, Mum
17-3307-00 Winter Mouse, Dad


17-3213-00 Ballerina Mouse, Big Sister - Heather
17-3105-00/01 Ballerina Mouse, Little Sister - Rose & Mint
17-3100-00 Princess Mouse, Litte Sister in Matchbox