Following on from our previous blog post detailing the smallest of the Maileg characters: Maileg baby mouse, Little brother/Sister Mouse and MY rabbit we thought it useful to look at the next size of characters which are the 'Micro' sizes:  Big Brother/Sister Mouse, 'Micro' Rabbit/Bunny and 'Micro' size Furniture and accessories.

maileg micro - big sister, big brother mouse, micro baby rabbit, bunny

Maileg Mice:

After baby mouse, little brother and sister mouse the next size up from this is Maileg Big Brother and Big Sister Mouse (12-13 cm). You can see our collection of 'Micro' sized mouse characters including tooth fairy mouse, dance mice, princess and the pea mouse and hiker mice can be found in the link below:

Maileg Big Sister Mouse - Gold Skirt - gift-for-little-onesMaileg Big Brother Mouse in Pyjamas - gifst-for-little-ones

and the Micro Rabbit and Bunny characters:

maileg micro baby bunny with red stripe rompermaileg micro rabbit with blue stripe romperMaileg Micro Clothing that is suitable for the 'Micro' sized characters

Maileg Micro bunny, big sister mouse clothing - gifts-for-little-ones

and finally the Micro Sized Furniture that all the above characters fit with:

maileg micro furniture & accessories


All of these items fit within the Maileg Dolls House.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have a query about the Maileg sizes or would like to see how characters look with the furniture - we are always happy to help and can set up a scene and send you the image so that you can see how it looks before you buy.   Just contact Emma at

Our next blog post will look at the next size of characters which is the 'Mother/Father' size mouse characters and the clothing and accessories that work with them.

Happy Maileg Mouse fun,

Emma x