Maileg Dolls House Room Sets suggestions - Help with Maileg Christmas gift ideas.

It can be difficult to imagine how the Maileg furniture and accessories and characters will look in a room set, will they look too big?  Which size characters and accessories will look best?  Which pieces of furniture work together in the room?  Therefore I thought it would be useful to provide a guide and a few suggestions using the Maileg Dolls House Bathroom add-on room as a setting and place some variations of pieces within and show you how they look. 

If you would like me to set up a room set and send images and size guides please don't hesitate to get in touch as I will happily set up a room set to give you a better idea before you buy - it is great fun and gives a better feel for how everything works together.  

The following room set is the bathroom add-on for the Maileg House of Miniature Dolls house.  The room dimensions are L25cm by W25cm with a height of 30cm.

Here you can see mum and dad mouse sitting at the mini dining table with the tea and biscuits for two - The mini table fits Mother/Father mouse very comfortably and makes a statement and a centrepiece in this room.  Details and links are attached:

In the scene below is Mum (£19.50) and Dad Mouse  (£19.50) sitting at the Mini Dining Table with Chairs (£46.55).  On the table is the miniature tea and biscuits for two set  (£23) and in the background is the gold mirror (£8.50) and lamp (£24.50).  Each item is hyperlinked to the website so that you can go straight to that item.  The height of the ceiling is 30cm.  The Height of mum mouse sitting down is around 16cm.  The height of the lamp is 22cm.

Maileg Mum & Dad Mouse in Maileg Dolls House

The next scene setting shows the smallest of the Maileg mice - the baby mice, twin mice within a MY bouncer and MY highchair with a Micro Playpen as the MY playpen is no longer available.  In this case the Micro playpen works with the twin mice as you can add more mice or have a mixture of Big Sister/Brother (Micro size) and baby mice.

The Playroom/Nursery scene featuring the smallest mice – Maileg Baby Twin Mice (£25) (These fit with MY size furniture) with a MY size bouncer and a MY size High Chair (£12).  Unfortunately the MY size playpen is out of production currently however the Micro size playpen works equally well, particularly when you put a few mice in.

Maileg Baby Mice in Highchair 

The next scene is bedroom scene for the baby mice.  In the MY vintage metal bed for baby mouse (£24) (the smallest of the beds) there is a twin mouse.  The other bed is a bunny cot (£24) (micro size) this fits the micro big sister mouse (£24) (The big sister mouse in this scene is the spa mouse).  You can see form image 2 that the height of dad mouse here is 16cm.

Maileg Mum & Dad Mouse with Baby Mouse in mouse bed

If you are looking for a bed for mum and dad mouse then the Micro Vintage Metal Bed in soft sand (£36) would fit them perfectly as shown in the image below.  The Length of this bed is 19cm by 12cm wide and a height of 6cm.

Maileg Micro Vintage Metal Bed in soft sand

In the next scenes we have 2 kitchen options for the Dolls House the mini kitchen or the cooking set with utensils.  I have given the dimensions and further details of what each set comes with:

Image 1 - The highest point of the mini kitchen £64 is approx 15cm from the floor to the top of the tap and the width is 19cm – comes with metal baking tray and 3 bread rolls in the oven (no utensils included).  The table in this image is the Micro Vintage table which fits with the gold micro chairs.  Micro Vintage Table (£17),  Micro Gold Chairs (£17).

Maileg Mum & dad with Mini Kitchen and Micro Table

Image 2 - The Cardboard Cooking set with pans and utensils (£22) is 8cm in height and shows size of Mum and Dad Mouse with Cardboard Kitchen.  Accessories added to kitchen are broom and dustpan set, Micro Vintage Table (£17), there are Micro Gold Chairs (£17) that fit with this table as mentioned above. (Fit Micro Big Sister and Big Brother Mouse).  Also in the scene is a Mini bucket and mop (£15) – the height of the mop in the bucket is 18cm.

Maileg Mum & Dad with Cooking Set and Micro Table

As you can see from both of the above images Mum and Dad mouse fit perfectly well with both sizes of kitchen and the kitchen and cooking set fit perfectly in the Maileg House of Miniature Dolls House add-on room with a ceiling height of 30cm and a length and width of 25cm.

I have been asked recently about what the other Kitchen set in Powder pink is used for - this set in the image below is too big for the dolls house and for the Maileg mice but is a wonderful play set to use along side the rabbit and bunny family.  Being a much larger play set than the two kitchens pictured above the Powder pink kitchen works well with Maileg Size 2 Bunny or Rabbits. 

The larger bunny pictured here is the Size 3 Bunny, again she works well with the larger kichen along side the Size 2 bunny, but would not fit in the Maileg Dolls House. 

Adding a few cheeky mice such as the big sister mouse and dad mouse in image 2 below adds a bit of fun to this set.  

Maileg Powder Kitchen with Size 3 and 2 Bunny

Maileg Powder Kitchen with Dad mouse, Size 2 Bunny

I hope that the above guide has given a few ideas for sizing and gifts that would make a great Christmas bundle, particularly when starting on the fantastic Maileg journey. 

More accessories are available on the website and the 'Browse by' feature enables you to filter results to show only 'MY' furniture or 'Micro' furniture and characters or 'Mother & Father' accessories etc to make fitting pieces together more easy.  However I am here should you need any assistance or advice with what to put with which character - contact me by email at, 


or telephone on: 01228217877.

I will try to get back to you within 24hrs, this may take a little longer as we are heading into the busiest time of the year - but I will be back in touch.

Enjoy the Maileg journey, it's magical!

Keep Safe and Well

Emma x