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Maileg Rabbit and Bunny Family Sizes

Our final instalment of the Maileg sizing guide features the Maileg Bunny and Rabbit sizes which range from baby rabbit, micro rabbit/bunny, size 1-5 rabbit and bunny and the larger Mouse characters ranging in Medium, Maxi and Mega sizes.

Maileg Rabbit & Bunny Sizes

maileg rabbit and bunny sizes

These beautiful characters have accessories that fit with their relative sizing, so the micro outfits fit the Maileg micro bunny and rabbit as discussed in a previous blog post and the size 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 characters all have outfits that can be purchased separately for dress-up fun.  The range can be viewed using the below link:

Furniture & Accessories that can be used with the size 1-2 size characters are as below:

maileg size 2 bunny in bath

Maileg Dining Table with 2 chairs (Fits size 1 & 2 Bunny/Rabbit) with Tea & Cakes set available separately;

maileg dining table set with 2 chairs

Maileg Furniture & Accessories for Bunny Size 1 & 2 Characters:

maileg mini chair with arm restmaileg cake set in a suitcase

 maileg bath tubmaileg sink

maileg lampmaileg mop set

maileg drying rackmaileg macaronmaileg vintage food

Maileg Larger Mouse Characters;  We have 2 sizes of the larger mouse characters within our collection - Medium (30cm) and Maxi (50cm).  These large soft toys are very huggable and all have removable clothing and have become firm favourites within our store.

Maileg Medium Mouse (30cm)

Maileg Maxi Mouse (50cm)

maileg mouse - gifts for little ones


If you would like any further information about any of the Maileg soft toys within this feature or in previous blog posts don't hesitate to contact Emma at - we're always happy to help.


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