16-0710-01 maileg triplet mice in matchbox

Maileg Baby Mice Triplets in a Matchbox

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Maileg Baby Mice Triplets in a Matchbox (16-0710-01)

Meet the Maileg Mice Triplets in a Matchbox, new for 2020. Following the popularity of the Maileg matchbox twin baby mice, we now have triplets! Adorable 'MY' baby size mice in a single sleeping bag with 3 individual pockets. Each mouse has a sweet stitched button dummy in the colour matching their striped body: yellow, blue and coral. An adorable 'matchbox' style bed with retro print image. Each mouse is 8cm in length and accessories are available separately for these baby mice in the Maileg 'MY' section.

Dimensions: Height 8cm (mouse), MY Size